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Argos Sidiros

September 10, 2021 @ 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

ARGOS SIDIROS, opera by Andys Skordis / CYPRUS – GREECE (world premiere)
Coproduction of the KYPRIA International Festival and the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Zoi Tsokanou. Director: Thanos Papakonstantinou. Libretto: Sofronis Sofroniou

A contemporary opera based on Sofronis Sofroniou’s novel. Through a rhythmical development of episodes, visual media, narration and lyrical singing, the opera presents a delusional journey on memory, death and time.

Choir conductor: Loizos S. Loizou
Repetiteur: Rami Sarieddine
Stage and costume design: Niki Psychogiou
Movement design: Nadi Gogoulou
Lighting design: Marieta Pavlaki
Assistant director: Fanis Sakellariou
Make-up Artist: Litsa Ioannidou
Hairstylist: Vicky Efstathiou
Stage manager, prop master: Monica Hadjivasiliou

Kaspar: Yiannis Karaoulis
Kaspar: Stelios Chadjiktoris
Hans: Andreas Zenios
Baxter: Markos Kleovoulou
Jonas: Miguel Antonio Lemus Payiatsou
Bonadea: Mariza Anastasiades
Akira: Elli Aloneftou
Masako: Kristia Michael
Kumiκο: Marialena Anastasiadou
Choir: EQ

When a chess player is fatally shot in New York’s Union Square, he is transferred to the planet of Little Life, where he gets, like everyone there, ten more years to live. Shortly after his arrival, he is tasked with reconstructing 4001, a novel by Austrian author Robert Krauss, and finding out whether Krauss has ended up in Little Life.

Through a series of episodes, the opera Argos Sidiros (Crude Iron) takes the spectator on a delirious journey spun in the vertigo of memory, literature, cinema and technology.

Directorial note
Far in the distant future, some people are able to live for ten more years after death, on a planet far away from the Earth.
Far in the distant future, some people undertake to recall the most important events of their lives and recreate them.
Far in the distant future, some people know other people who will help them accomplish the mission they have undertaken.
Far in the distant future, some people tell stories, ask questions, learn, record, explore, become acquainted, attracted, repelled.
Far in the distant future, some people wander about unknown landscapes in an effort to recall what happened, why it happened, who did it, why they did it, and how they did it.
Far in the distant future, some people still wonder why we once existed.

A man awakens after his death in a laboratory where strange experiments are conducted, and sets out on a journey that will lead him to his own land of the dead, where he comes face to face with the ghosts of his own existence.

Argos Sidiros (Crude Iron) is a voyage on a planet deep inside us, where we try hard to remember that we once existed.

Nicosia: Tuesday 7 & Wednesday 8 September 2021, Nicosia Municipal Theatre, 20:30
Limassol: Friday 10 September 2021, Pattihio Municipal Theatre, 20:30

Duration: 90’
Rated: 12+


September 10, 2021
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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Pattihio Municipal Theatre